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Data Scraping

Updated: Nov 11

What is Data Scraping?

Data Scraping, also known as Web Scraping, is the act of extracting large quantities of data using automated software (AI) or programming tools.

Why Data Scraping?

The purpose of data scraping is to gather as much information as possible from web pages.

The scraped data is then converted into a structured format like spreadsheets or data base.

The converted data format is then used for analysis to aid decision making. These type of analysis include:

  • Market research

  • Trend analysis

  • Monitoring competitor activities ( Pricing, innovation, customer base etc)

  • Academic research

  • Journalism

  • Innovation research

  • Others

Data Scraping can very informative way of decision making.

The Shared Need To Know

Humans have a shared need to know. The need to know something.

The need to know drives people and organizations to search for relevant data in order make right decisions.

Organizations with resources invest in modern tools to enable automated data capture. Tools like AI are deployed to scrap data.

Data Scraping has its advantages and disadvantages.

Data Scraping Advantages include :

  • Aiding innovation

  • Knowledge transfer

Data Scraping Disadvantages include:

  • Copyright infringement

  • Privacy intrusion

  • Slowing down web pages

  • Denial of service

Written and posted by : Smith Ndila

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